City panel


City panel is as a registered 3-dimensional trademark, registered with The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. The panel is distinguished with a top level design, exceptional functionality and suitability for various environments.



TAM-TAM adverts

Once we used to advertise with drums,nowadays however...

TAM-TAM is provider of outdoor advertising in Slovenia.


Company name:             TAM-TAM d.o.o.

Address:                           Slovenčeva ulica 153, 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone:                       +386 1 51 56 596

Fax:                                    +386 1 51 56 597


Account number:             IBAN SI56 3300 0993 2387 741; BIC HAABSI22 (ADDIKO BANK d.d.)

Entry into the

Register of

companies:                      1/07272/00

Registry number.:           5385164000

VAT number:                    SI99323877

Liable to VAT:                   YES

Share capital:                   21.098,00 EUR

How to find us?

Slovenčeva ulica 153:


From Verovškova 55b (old adress) to Slovenčeva 153 (NEW ADRESS):


Logos and related content


The Tam-Tam company was established in 1990. Our first poster panels were set up in Vrhnika in 1991, followed by Ljubljana in 1993. Along with setting up panels in Ljubljana we have also manufactured our first type of panels, then named Melita panels. Their format was equal to the present-day City panels.


With the development of industry a requirement for higher quality panels was needed, in 1996 we therefore, in collaboration with Quadrat design and Mr. Vladimir Pezdirc, created a new type of panels, now known as City panel. The project was awarded a prestigious international prize for industrial design DIDA 99'. Today City panel represents a standard in the poster advertising industry, as there are nearly no major spots in Slovenia without the City panels. Because of its all-round quality, fine minimalistic design and simply excellent look and the universal demand for this type of urban equipment, quite a few "imitations" or copies of City panels, that at the first glance seem genuine, have been emerging lately. Due to the copyright and appropriate protection (trademark registered with The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office), we report to legal action in such cases.


In the nineties the posters set up were mostly in the B1 and B2 format (and rarely B0) but with the printing developments a new poster format has been installed. We have named it after the panels - City poster, dimensions 140 x 200 cm (equivalent to 2 x B0 or 4 x B1). Today the City posters are dominating, the B1 posters still come to sight and we can see the smallest B2 formats in smaller places.


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