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Plaktivat GO! Take to running

Plaktivat GO! Take to running

 TAM-TAM in collaboration with the Olympian Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations announces the eighth PLAKTIVAT competition for designing a city billboard poster on the topic:


The development of modern society and technological revolution allow people to live their lives investing less physical effort in their daily activities than was once the case. This type of lifestyle often has a negative effect on their wellbeing and health and increases the susceptibility to chronic non-infectious diseases, obesity, and psychological issues. 
In tackling all of the above, people turn to taking pharmaceutical medications and doing away with consequences rather than “treating” their underlying causes. Meanwhile, there is an effective and completely “natural” treatment on hand in Slovenia – an exceptional countryside that offers the majority of Slovenians a wide array of options for sports activities that have a preventive effect, attainable in close vicinity to their front door. Numerous Slovenians take advantage of this great natural resource; in fact nature hiking and running are two of our most popular sports activities. Yet almost 440 000 Slovenians never take up a sport.  This is why the Olympian Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations adopted the decision to entice as many of these people as possible out of their chairs and get them to start moving. In spring time, when we feel the most drawn to the outside, the association will launch a communication campaign to incite this 22% of Slovenia’s population that does not practice sports to engage in walking and running in nature.
We are unsure as to exactly why people are deterred from more actively participating in sports, but we can assume that the reason is tied to bad habits, mental laziness, technology addiction et sim. (This is without accounting for people impeded by health issues or old age.)
The campaign should therefore activate the inactive and, if possible, also challenge them to undertake the Cooper test with the help of the Olympian Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations app, which is available at The creative solution should call or lead to action, rather than merely framing the issue!
Participation is free of charge. The competition is open to all creatives, be it individuals, agencies, or legal entities, who wish to contribute in the creation of their living environment. By submitting their poster to the competition, the authors agree to all the competition's provisions both those stated in the competition documentation and those, which can be inferred. 
The creative solution must be designed in the format that fits TAM-TAM city billboards. Be particularly conscious of the fact that the billboards are located in the street and so the posters should be designed with the aim of being noticeable, readable, and communicative among the multitude of visual stimuli encountered in a street environment. Consider the implications of the fact that billboards are typically initially noticed from a distance of a few metres, and only later from closer vicinity – how much text can they carry, how to attract attention, etc.
The poster must also be designed in line with PLAKTIVAT's visual identity and include the prescribed logos (appendix: Graphic elements for the competition, instructions for the preparation of files). 
The poster must contain the Internet address WWW.OLYMPIC.SI, at which the app for the Cooper test will be made available, along with the mention of the European Week of Sport with the hashtag #BEACTIVE. The size of the script of these two inscriptions with the file format of 27,6 × 40,2 should be at least 17pt (on the actual 5 times larger poster these will be blown up to 85 pt).
Enclosed files:
  • Graphic elements for the competition, instructions for the preparation of files,
  • Communication brief for the design of the poster,
  • Rules of procedure for the Jury.
All documentation is available at:  
Submitting the designed posters constitutes application to the competition and is only completed by sending an email to with the subject “Competition – PLAKTIVAT 8 – the poster’s title or code”.
Alongside the file containing the print-ready poster (in PDF format – see attachment – instructions – print) the following should be enclosed:
  • A version of the poster in JPG format without the author’s signature (to maintain anonymity in the course of evaluation, see attachment – instructions – process of selection),
  • The poster’s title or code, 
  • Applicants – including addresses and phone numbers (in case the competition is entered by a group, a list of members containing addresses and phone numbers is needed.),
  • A declaration of the poster’s authorship.
An applicant is allowed to enter more than one poster.
The jury of seven members is comprised of:
  • Gal Erbežnik - Zavod za besede in misli - Jury President,
  • Ana Ivandić - Edition Digital,
  • Matija Kocbek – Pristop,
  • Miha Bevc – bPCS,
  • Tine Lugarič - LUNA \ TBWA,
  • Taja Škorc – OKS-ZŠZ,
  • Blaž Gregorin - TAM-TAM.
  • technical suitability (Competition Requirements),
  • taking into account the specifics of TAM-TAM city billboards,
  • originality,
  • innovation,
  • clarity of message,
  • positivity of the message.
The Rules on the Work of the Jury are available at:
The competition is open when the call is sent out via email and published at and at along with Internet sites of other supporting institutions.
The deadline for the submission of posters is 7 April 2017 by midnight. All submissions received by the deadline will be taken into consideration. You can request additional information regarding the competition by email: up until and including 31. March 2017. 
  • The winning poster will be printed and displayed on 500 TAM-TAM city billboards across Slovenia; 
  • It will be entered in the competitive sections of the Slovene Advertising Festival and the Biennial of Visual Communications of Slovenia; 
  • The winner will receive Plaktivat’s MEGAFON and a winning plaque
  • All applicants will receive a plaque confirming their participation, which will be awarded by the company organising the Plaktivat competition: TAM-TAM.
The jury reserves the right to select two or more winning solutions.
The results of the competition will be published in the second half of April 2017 at and
Authors and participants in the competition retain their moral rights and agree that their submitted works may be used for any potential showcases run by the PLAKTIVAT project (online, at conferences, lectures, promotional events, materials and other publications in the scope of the PLAKTIVAT project). The authors of the posters agree to all potential publications of their names and works in the media.


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