City panel


City panel is as a registered 3-dimensional trademark, registered with The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. The panel is distinguished with a top level design, exceptional functionality and suitability for various environments.



TAM-TAM adverts

City® poster panel: 140 x 200 cm

TAM-TAM is the leading provider of City® poster places in Slovenia.

The locations of City® poster places are deliberately selected in the most visited, traffic centered, in short - the most frequent areas of urban life.


In areas where TAM-TAM does not own City® poster places we secure them through media lease.

What is a City® poster place?
 A City® poster place is a poster area of 1.4 x 2 m, on which we place City® format posters (140 x 200 cm); in case the poster formats are smaller we place two B0 (140 x 100 cm) or four B1 (70 x 100 cm) posters on the City poster® place.

Medium presentation: City® poster places


Reference locations


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