Designers and poster art lovers, you can now apply to the 15th Plaktivat competition!

This year’s theme “Blood Donation” is meant to encourage self-reflection and motivate people to donate blood, which is among the noblest of causes. The competition is held in cooperation with the Slovenian Red Cross and the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia.

Attention, creatives!

The competition is intended for all graphic designers, be it individuals, freelance designers, students, or agencies and other legal entities who wish to be involved in co-creating a better common living space. We particularly invite students, who can, in addition to this public tender, also submit their work under the “Fresh Blood” category, where the winner will also be announced.

Plaktivat is an international socially responsible competition, which promotes the creation of city posters and encourages positive changes in society. Submitted works are evaluated by an expert panel, composed of internationally acclaimed creatives and designers.

An activator of social consciousness

In past editions of the competition, we received over 2,300 works by designers from all over the world, who responded to current burning issues, thus encouraging critical thinking and influencing decision-makers. Plaktivat remains an activator of social consciousness, a powerful weapon of choice, which uses creativity to shatter taboos and broaden horizons. We are thrilled to start accepting this year’s applications, and in the meanwhile, feel free to browse the selection of past Plaktivat designs in our online gallery.

Don’t forget, we are accepting applications for the #15 Plaktivat Blood Donation competition until 1 December!