The 14th Plaktivat is setting a new design challenge

TAM-TAM Inštitut is announcing the 14th international PLAKTIVAT competition in designing a city poster on the topic of “DISCRIMINATION AND I”.

Every person came across discrimination at least once in their lifetime. The question is, however, whether we recognize discrimination when we come across it. Almost all of us have been discriminated against at some point in our lives or discriminated against others. You may have favoured a male candidate over a female one at a job interview purely due to their gender, or served a younger more attractive customer at your establishment before a less attractive one that came before them. These are also forms of discrimination.

Discrimination arises when individuals or groups of people are treated less favourably than other persons in a comparable position simply because they are or seem to belong to a specific group or category of people. The foremost bases of discrimination include the following factors: gender, age, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, race, appearance, cultural differences, religious beliefs.

In spite of efforts to root it out, discrimination remains a recurrent issue; this is why we need to constantly inform the public and raise awareness about what discrimination actually is. Victims often do not wish to talk about discrimination, don’t recognise it, make excuses about it, and see it as perfectly normal and generally accepted behaviour.

Application is possible exclusively via the online form, which is the entry point for all participants.

Creative Challenge:

We all often act in a discriminatory way. The creative solution should challenge individuals to consider whether they themselves ever acted in a discriminatory way. We want individuals of both genders to potentially see themselves in one of the situations on the poster and carefully consider their future actions, mindful not to encroach upon someone else’s fundamental human rights.

 The Aim of the Competition:

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the fact that discrimination, though forbidden, remains present at every turn. We all share the responsibility to create conditions that reduce the occurrence of discrimination. So, let us not act in a discriminatory way, let us respect and observe the rights and freedoms of others and their potential differentness from us. Let us enact the old saying: “Variety is the spice of life,” it enriches, not impoverishes.


The deadline for the submission of posters is midnight, 12 December 2021. All submissions received by the deadline will be considered.


  • The winning poster will be printed and published on 500 TAM-TAM city posters across Slovenia,
  • It will be automatically entered in the competitions of the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF and the Brumen biennial of Slovenian Design,
  • The winner receives Plaktivat’s MEGAFON and a winning plaque,
  • finalists receive silver Plaktivat’s plaque,
  • All participants receive a e-plaque commemorating their participation, awarded by the organizer of Plaktivat, TAM-TAM Institute.


The jury consists of the following seven members:

  • Sašo Petek – Agencija 101 – chairman of the jury,
  • Katja Petrin Dornik – Herman & partnerji,
  • Vasja Grabner – AV studio,
  • Domen Husu – Yin Young,
  • Martina Kokovnik Hakl,
  • Luka Bajs – Grey,
  • Tomaž Drozg – TAM-TAM

The jury reserves the right to select two or more winning creative solutions. Results will be published on and on a TAM-TAM social media.

Who can participate:

Participation in the competition is free of charge. The competition is open to all creators, individuals as well as agencies and companies, who want to help create our common living environment. By submitting their work to the competition, the artists agree to all of the competition’s provisions; i.e. those clearly stated in the competition documentation, as well as those which can be reasonably deduced. The competition also gives separate consideration to students of both genders within a separate category “Fresh Blood’.


All works by university and secondary school students will also be entered in a separate “Fresh Blood” category, in which individual winners will also be chosen.


  • The winning poster will be printed and publically displayed on 20 TAM-TAM poster panels across Slovenia,
  • The winner’s participation fees at the next Slovenian Advertising Festival will be covered,
  • Media exposure,
  • The winner and finalists will receive Plaktivat’s plaque.


The jury consists of the following seven members:

  • Nejc Trampuž,
  • Alja Herlah,
  • Blaž Rat,
  • Alja Horvat,
  • Nejc Prah.

Competition documentation:

Your creative solution must fit the format of TAM-TAM city posters. Take note that the posters are located outside in the streets and design your poster accordingly, so that it will be legible and communicate its message well in the multitude of visual stimuli of the street environment. Consider that city posters are usually initially noticed from a distance of a few metres (we only get up-close later) – think about how to grab attention and how much text a city posters can take etc.

The creative solution must adhere to the brief, so, be sure to read all the competition’s documentation before you start working. Creative solutions linked to the topic of the Coronavirus and current political events are not the subject of this competition. Creative solutions of this kind will not be included among the selection of works submitted to the panel.

Application is possible exclusively via the online form, which is the entry point for all participants.

One applicant may submit no more than 3 posters.

The poster must also be in line with PLAKTIVAT’s visual identity, and include PLAKTIVAT’s pre-prepared logos in the designated manner (Appendix: Graphic elements for the competition, instruction on preparing files: file in PDF format – for print and file in JPG format without the author’s signature for jury)

Appended files:

  • Graphic elements for the competition, instruction on preparing files,
  • Communication brief for the designing of the poster,

For additional information regarding the competition you can write to

In line with articles 22 and 23 of the Public Use of the Slovene Language Act, any text in a public environment must be in Slovene or alternatively the Slovene version must not be less prominent than the text in a foreign language. (The winning applicant commits to providing a translation of their work into Slovene or supplying an editable file for the demands of said translation into Slovene.)

For additional information regarding the competition you can write to


Authors and participants in the competition retain their moral copyright and agree that their submitted works may be used for any potential showcases run by the PLAKTIVAT project (online, at conferences, lectures, promotional events, materials and other publications in the scope of the PLAKTIVAT project) and for Digital Archive of Slovenian Posters. The authors of the posters agree to any potential publication of their names and works in the media.

Ljubljana, 11 November 2021

Tender documentation and files:

Creative brief
Graphic elements and guidelines