Plaktivat, First Time Without a Winner

We received more than 500 applications to our 14th competition, titled “Discrimination and I”. 323 works from 24 different countries were included in the selection presented for the panel’s consideration.

Plaktivat’s 14th rendition was the first in history not to select a winner. After long and hard deliberation, the panel of judges decided not to proclaim a winner, but rather select 10 finalists. Panellist and creative director Luka Bajs remarked on this decision: “Plaktivat has always been distinguished by two qualities – a strong message and a well thought-out aesthetics. Unfortunately, in this competition, the panel was unable to find a poster that would excel on both levels. This is why, after a long debate, we decided not to declare a winner in this round. In the name of the panel, I would like thank all the creators. At the same time, I also hope that our decision will serve as an incentive for the creation of even better solutions. See you at the next Plaktivat!”

Emina Halilović, Lenart Slabe, Slovenia
Emina Halilović, Lenart Slabe, Slovenia
Emina Halilović, Lenart Slabe, Slovenia
Rok Artiček, David Fartek, Herman&partnerji, Slovenia
Metka Fornazarič, Slovenia
Polina Polevaia, Russia
Valerie Štecová, Czech Republic
Maruša Požar, Slovenia
Yuqi Zhao, China
Du Weisheng, China

We also want to take this opportunity to thank Cukrarna that made it possible for the panel to meet in person for their final session. We would also like to thank everyone for their submitted works and congratulate the finalists!

All 10 finalists who persuaded the panel are already featured at TAM-TAM’s urban poster locations across Slovenia; they will continue to raise this issue in our common space until the end of March 2022.

We will unveil the results of the student category next week!

Works that did not meet all technical requirements were not included in the competition.

The best posters were selected by an expert panel consisting of: Sašo Petek (Agencija 101), Katja Petrin Dornik (Herman & partnerji), Vasja Grabner (AV studio), Domen Husu (Yin+Young), Martina Kokovnik Hakl, Luka Bajs (Shift), Tomaž Drozg (TAM-TAM).

The present Plaktivat action, which was prepared by the TAM-TAM institute, aims to raise awareness about the fact that discrimination, though forbidden, remains present at almost every step.