The winner of the 10th Plaktivat competition has been selected

For the first time ever, the Plaktivat competition was won by a submission from outside of Slovenia.

The tenth Plaktivat competition also served up record numbers. This time a whopping 229 submissions were entered. 53 out of 123 participants were Slovenian, while 70 hailed from other countries; thus the project yet again surpassed the boundaries of the local environment.

Design solutions arrived from Slovenia, Iran, Turkey, China, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, India, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Canada, Hungary, Great Britain, Indonesia, and the United States of America.

The expert panel selected the poster titled “Deep into the book” authored by Ata Mohammadi from Iran.

The chairman of the expert panel, Robert Bohinec about the choice of the winner: “The winning submission unobtrusively and constructively inducts us into the theme of the competition. Not unlike a good book, it succeeds in doing so by stirring the viewer or reader’s imagination. Since one of the most important parameters of modern advertising is that it stays current, the submission also inspires us to pack at least one good book for our summer holidays at the seaside or in the mountains. A book will clear our heads and refresh our minds more than the depth of the sea or grandeur of the forest.” 

The winner – foto: Matjaž Tavčar

Beginning with the 29 June 2018, the winning poster will be featured on TAM-TAM city posters across Slovenia, while within this week, all submitted entries will be posted on TAM-TAM’s Facebook page.

The tenth Plaktivat competition in socially responsible content has successfully drawn to a close. Project Leader Tomaž Drozg added: “We outgrew our local environment; we are facing new challenges. The tenth Plaktivat competition titled ‘Let Books Sweep you Away” only reaffirmed our international status and the winning poster hailing from Iran is the cherry on top.”

The best poster was selected by an expert panel consisting of: Robert Bohinec – Futura DDB, Petja Montanez – Publicis, Gregor Žakelj – VBG, Kristijan Andoljšek – Innovatif, Blaž Kocjančič – Internavti, Tina Popovič – Divja misel in Blaž Gregorin – TAM-TAM.

“Deep into the book.” Author: Ata Mohammedi