We all became editors (in-chief)

The international Plaktivat competition in designing city posters on the topic of The Crisis of the Media has drawn to a close. There were 142 entries, 89 of which were sent from abroad and 53 from Slovenia. The panel was persuaded by the creative solution titled editor-in-chief by Ciril Trček, Matic Kozinc, Blaž Žnidarec, Zala Sajko, Damijan Penič, and Medeja Kraševec from the LUNA \TBWA agency.

TAM-TAM Institute ran the 12th Plaktivat competition titled “The Crisis of the Media” in collaboration with Radio Študent with the aim to draw attention to the media content, which degrades journalism and to initiate a public debate on the issue.

The winning poster incites individuals to strive for more critical reception of information served up by the mass media and calls on everyone to start alerting readers to disputable media content by using the hash tag #fastfoodnovica [#fastfoodnews]. The expert panel expressed the following thoughts on the winning solution: “The advent of social media made each of us a curator of news, or, to put it more accurately, it made us all responsible editors-in-chief, which the winning poster cleverly captured. We decide whether we are going to thoughtlessly disseminate quickly fabricated news, or choose to thoughtfully mark them as #fastfoodnovica [#fastfoodnews] in stead, and so start a responsible movement towards a healthier society. Bon appetite!”

The winning poster is already on display at TAM-TAM poster sites across Slovenia and will be drawing attention to the issue until September 2019.

Avtorji zmagovalnega plakata – foto: Matjaž Tavčar

With the #fastfoodnovica [#fastfoodnews] action, the socially responsible Plaktivat project aims to create a channel for expressing opinions and alerting the general public to the traps and crags of “fast food” journalism. “After all, good quality media is not a foregone conclusion. #fastfoodnews is not fake news, #fastfoodnews marks the increasingly predominant modern-day trend of filling columns with unchecked, unimportant, or simply translated articles. In the age of Internet, quantity is gaining in importance while quality is diminishing. Lengthier in-depth content is disappearing from the media, and being replaced by news, which is intended for fast consumption. Demand more of the media, and use the hash tag #fastfoodnews to help others separate the wheat from the chaff,” added Radio Študent.

All received submissions will be published on our Facebook page shortly.

The winning poster was selected by an expert panel consisting of: Robert Bohinec – Futura DDB, Petja Montanez – Publicis, Gregor Žakelj – VBG, Kristijan Andoljšek – Innovatif, Blaž Kocjančič – Internavti, Jelena Ličanin – Radio Študent in Blaž Gregorin – TAM-TAM.

Thank you to everyone who took part and, again, congratulations to the finalists and winners!