The winner of the 11th international Plaktivat competition has been selected

The eleventh Plaktivat city poster competition titled “No Excuse” concluded having attracted a record number of submissions and participating countries. The communicative action aimed at addressing violence against women was devised and carried out by TAM-TAM Institute in collaboration with the Društvo SOS telefon non-governmental organisation.


336 submission were entered into the design competition, which is considerably exceeds the number of submissions of the previous Plaktivat competition. 191 designers, artists, and agencies took part; 61 of these are based in Slovenia, and 130 were sent in from abroad. Designes arrived from 31 countries, including Algeria, Mexico, Thailand, Romania, China, Iran, the USA, Finland, Russia, Poland, and Zimbabwe.

Having considered all the submissions, the jury found themselves most swayed by the submission titled Ljubil te bom, produced by Formitas agency, headed by creative director Blaž Ritmanič. The title is a play on words: “Ljubil te bom” translates to “I’ll love you”; with the first two letters removed the meaning changes to “ubil te bom” – “I’ll kill you”. The poster is a straightforward illustration of the issue of violence against women. At the same time, it also demonstrates the gradual transition from psychological to physical violence.

The chairman of the evaluating jury, Robert Bohinec issued the following statement concerning the winning submission: “The winning poster intended to address both the victims of violence and the general public, prompting the latter towards considering and discussing this delicate topic. This kind of violence does not take place OOH (out of home) but behind closed doors. The selected submission reflects the issue from the confines of homes on a city poster and undeniably attracts the attention of the people passing by. What is more important, the message is conveyed to the victims that pretense of love ca never defend against the worst outcome.”

Author: Blaž Ritmanič, agencija Formitas

Starting with November 20th, the winning poster is displayed on TAM-TAM city posters accross Slovenia, and will be calling attention to the social unacceptability of any form of violence against women up until the end of February.

All received submissions and finalists will be published on our Facebook page shortly.

The selection of the best poster fell to an expert panel comprising:: Robert Bohinec – Futura DDB, Petja Montanez – Publicis, Gregor Žakelj – VBG, Kristijan Andoljšek – Innovatif, Blaž Kocjančič – Internavti, Špela Veselič – Društvo SOS telefon in Blaž Gregorin – TAM-TAM.