Young winners of the 9th Plaktivat poster design competition

With the record number of entered works, the 9th Plaktivat contest for the design of the city poster has concluded.


There were 161 entered works! Among 101 applicants, 31 were from Slovenia and 70 from abroad, making the project considerably larger than the local frameworks.

Creative solutions on the topic: There is no diabetes. But there is! arrived from Slovenia, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, India, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, China, Kosovo, Macedonia, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, the Ukraine, Great Britain, and the United States of America.

All received entries will be published on our Facebook profile next week and the winning poster will be featured on 500 TAM-TAM city poster panels across Slovenia

The expert panel selected the winning poster, which is titled “Sweet Threat” (created by: Ciril Trček, Maruša Lekše, Zala Sajko – LUNA \ TBWA).



A sweet indulgence can turn into a dangerous hazard. Don’t risk it and get tested at

“We at TAM-TAM believe that the city poster is a suitable medium for influencing public opinion and pushing boundaries, which is why we broach burning issues,” said Tomaž Drozg, general manager at TAM-TAM and the main instigator of the Plaktivat project.

The chairman of the expert panel, Gal Erbežnik adds: “The winning entry intelligently frames the core of the issue with diabetes. The little indulgences: sweets, tobacco, and alcohol may seem innocent, but they represent a great threat to our health.”

The best poster was selected by an expert panel consisting of: Gal Erbežnik – Zavod za besede in misli, Ana Ivandić Edition Digital, Matija Kocbek Pristop, Miha Bevc bPCS, Tine Lugarič LUNA \ TBWA, Darja Lovšin Zavod Diabetes and Blaž Gregorin – TAM-TAM.